Kit Carson County Public and Private Airports, Colorado:

Kit Carson County's airports fall into two major categories. Public airports which include large commercial airports for major airplane carriers and open to public flight airports. Most parcel and shipment aircraft are through public airports. Private airports are often used for small charter flights and private jets and airplanes. Also included in private fields is Military airports and restricted landing zones. Return to the list of CO airports.

Hildebrandt Airport - CO22
Bethune, Colorado
Facility Usage: Private
Ken M Hildebrandt
16660 County Road 37
Bethune, CO 80805
(719) 346-8091

Aviation Acres Airport - 23CD
Burlington, Colorado
Facility Usage: Private
John Cindy Stewart
45644 Crosswinds Lane
Burlington, CO 80807
(719) 346-8741

Kit Carson County Airport - ITR
Burlington, Colorado
Facility Usage: Public
City Of Burlington
415 15th Street
Burlington, CO 80807
(719) 346-8652

Flagler Aerial Spraying Inc Airport - CO00
Flagler, Colorado
Facility Usage: Private
Dallas Saffer
P.O. Box 326
Flagler, CO 80815
(719) 765-4532

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