Adams County Public and Private Airports, Illinois:

Adams County airport directory. List contains all public airports, helipads & helidecks, and seaplane ports & bases. Also lists all private airports and landing strips, which may be used by private members or in emergency situations. Airports listed include airport codes, administrators and contact information. Return to the Illinois county list.

Kaufield Airport - 0LL0
Belvidere, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
John Kaufield
7698 Garden Prairie Road
Gardenprairie, IL 61038
(815) 597-3981

John Scharff Airport - 33IL
Clinton, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
John Scharff
Rr 3 Box 2166
Clinton, IL 61727
(217) 935-2552

Sauer Airport - 08LL
Dwight, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
Lawrence Sauer
6143 S Major Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638
(312) 581-2656

Humm Airport - 06IL
Earlville, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
Stanley Humm
4593e 1550 Rd
Earlville, IL 60518
(815) 246-9430

Hammersmith Heliport - 06LL
Elburn, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
Charles P Hammersmith
0n197 Scheider Road
Elburn, IL 60119
(630) 365-1222

Nokomis Community Memorial Park Heliport - IS27
Nokomis, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
Nokomis Community Memorial Park
525 N Cedar St, Box 153
Nokomis, IL 62075
(217) 563-7866

Krutmeier Airport - 9LL0
Payson, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
Robert H. Krutmeier
1497 N 400th Ave
Payson, IL 62360
(217) 656-3259

Blickhan Lndg Area Airport - 88IS
Quincy, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
C. John Blickhan
P.O. Box 530
Quincy, IL 62306
(217) 223-6235

Quincy Rgnl-Baldwin Field Airport - UIN
Quincy, Illinois
Facility Usage: Public
City Of Quincy
1645 Hwy 104
Quincy, IL 62305
(217) 885-3262

Sneek Airport - 2IL0
Shannon, Illinois
Facility Usage: Private
Duane Sneek
17227 W Prairie Dell Road
Shannon, IL 61078
(815) 864-2585

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