Carroll County Public and Private Airports, Indiana:

Carroll County Airports and Facilities. Listings include private and public airports and landing fields, as well as address, airport id, phone number for general operator or owner and contact information. Airports fall into public and private categories. Restricted and Military air fields are listed as private. To find airports in the other counties in this state click here.

Boyer Flight Park Ultralight - 7W7
Burnettsville, Indiana
Facility Usage: Public
Gayle High
4828 W 1200 N
Burnettsville, IN 47926
(574) 583-5566

De Ford Airport - 4II0
Delphi, Indiana
Facility Usage: Private
Francis De Ford
11227 W 400 N
Delphi, IN 46923
(317) 564-6917

Delphi Muni Airport - 1I9
Delphi, Indiana
Facility Usage: Public
City Of Delphi
201 S Union St
Delphi, IN 46923
(765) 564-2097

Flora Muni Airport - 5I2
Flora, Indiana
Facility Usage: Public
Town Of Flora
501 N Division St
Flora, IN 46929
(574) 967-4844

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