Windham County Public and Private Airports, Vermont:

If you're planning a local flight you will probably end up taking off and landing at a small airfield. Our directly provides a list of airports located in Windham County. If you plan on landing in a different county, you will want to go to our VT airports page to see a list of airfields you can land in. Our list provides contact details for each airport for both private and public airports.

Bobby Heliport - VT32
Brookline, Vermont
Facility Usage: Private
Herbert D Howe
125 White Oak Run
Dartmouth, MA 02747
(508) 636-4376

North Windham Airport - 23VT
Londonderry, Vermont
Facility Usage: Private
Charley Wisely Inc
836 Riverview Drive
Briello, NJ 08730

Santas Airport - VT06
Putney, Vermont
Facility Usage: Private
David N Brewer
601 Bellowsfalls Rd
Putney, VT 05346
(802) 387-5428

Onyon Airport - VT43
Townshend, Vermont
Facility Usage: Private
David W. Onyon
P.O. Box 264
Townshead, VT 05353
(802) 365-4045

Millers Pleasure Airfield Airport - VT47
Vernon, Vermont
Facility Usage: Private
Peter Miller
1732 Ft Bridgeman Rd
Vernon, VT 05354
(802) 254-2657

Mount Snow Airport - 4V8
West Dover, Vermont
Facility Usage: Public
Sdfm, Llc C-O Mr. Mike Mancuso
Mid Island Air Service Inc, 139 Dawn Drive
Shirley, NY 11967

Major W. Guth Airport - VT34
Westminster, Vermont
Facility Usage: Private
Charles Applebaum-K. Guth
1600 E Balboa Blvd
Balboa, CA 92661
(714) 739-5656

Public Records in Windham County - Provides access to a variety of government websites in Windham County. This is a great place to find out about permits, licenses, aviation rules and regulations, taxes, and a lot of other public resources.