Montgomery County Public and Private Airports, Alabama:

All public airports and private airports in Montgomery County, AL are listed below. Public airports include major hubs and airfields used for large carriers, jet liners and international flights as well as smaller public charter flights and personal aircraft. Private airports may require special permission, a private membership or use private charter flights. Click to find more Alabama county airports.

T W Spear Memorial Airport - 4AL9
Lapine, Alabama
Facility Usage: Private
Art Persky
228 Merritt Hay Road
Lapine, AL 36046
(334) 300-5986

Baptist Medical Center Heliport - AL11
Montgomery, Alabama
Facility Usage: Private
Baptist Medical Center
2105 E South Blvd
Montgomery, AL 36111
(334) 288-2100

Business Center Of Alabama Heliport - 1AL7
Montgomery, Alabama
Facility Usage: Private
Cosmo Properties
2 North Jackson Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 223-5780

Kershaw Airport - AL12
Montgomery, Alabama
Facility Usage: Private
Kershaw Mfg Company, Inc
P.O. Box 17340
Montgomery, AL 36117
(205) 271-1000

Maxwell Afb Airport - MXF
Montgomery, Alabama
Facility Usage: Private
Maxwell Afb
Montgomery, AL 36112

Montgomery Rgnl Dannelly Field Airport - MGM
Montgomery, Alabama
Facility Usage: Public
Montgomery Airport Authority
4445 Selma Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36108
(334) 281-5040

Bartlett Ranch Airport - AL79
Pike Road, Alabama
Facility Usage: Private
H B Bartlett
Bartlett Ranch
Pikeroad, AL 36064
(205) 288-9554

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