Lincoln County Public and Private Airports, Colorado:

Traveling through private airports can be as or more convenient as public airports. They are especially useful if you're looking for a small plane or other local aviation activities. Many offer pilot lessons as well. We provide a complete list of private and public airports across Lincoln County.

Lincoln Community Hospital Heliport - CO78
Hugo, Colorado
Facility Usage: Private
Lincoln Community Hosp
Hugo, CO 80821

Limon Muni Airport - LIC
Limon, Colorado
Facility Usage: Public
Town Of Limon
Town Hall, Box 9
Limon, CO 80828
(719) 775-2346

High Mesa Airport - 23CO
Rush, Colorado
Facility Usage: Private
High Mesa Farm Llc
4011 State Road 94
Rush, CO 80833
(719) 478-3080

Terra Firma Airport - 08CO
Rush, Colorado
Facility Usage: Private
Phil Arellano
1440 Cr-S
Rush, CO 80833
(303) 246-6231

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