Penobscot County Public and Private Airports, Maine:

Public and Private airports and landing bases for Penobscot County, ME. Each airport has contact information to help with flight arrangements. In addition to airports, there are landing pads for helicopters, military landing zones and ports for water based aircraft. Public airports include small passenger planes and large commercial carriers. Private airports include restricted or military airports and airports reserved for private charter or membership. For more Maine Airports.

Bangor Intl Airport - BGR
Bangor, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
City Of Bangor
73 Harlow Street
Bangor, ME 04401
(207) 992-4200

Eastern Maine Medical Center Heliport - ME02
Bangor, Maine
Facility Usage: Private
Eastern Maine Medical Center
489 State St
Bangor, ME 04401
(207) 945-7020

Lucky Landing Marina And Spb Seaplane Base - 06B
Bangor, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
Timothy D Hodgkins
35 Lucky Landing Rd
Glenburn, ME 04401
(207) 945-5087

Brewer Airport - 0B2
Brewer, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
Brewer Airport Inc
2420 Marshall Ct
Naperville, IL 60565

Ring Hill Airport - 14ME
Carmel, Maine
Facility Usage: Private
Charles B. Nute Iii
19 Ring Hill Lane
Carmel, ME 04419
(207) 848-7471

Dexter Rgnl Airport - 1B0
Dexter, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
Town Of Dexter
Town Office Bldg, 23 Main
Dexter, ME 04930
(207) 924-7351

Double A Seaplane Base - ME27
Glenburn, Maine
Facility Usage: Private
Frank E Andrews
149 Aa Landing Rd
Glenburn, ME 04401
(207) 942-3684

Terra B B Airport - ME35
Levant, Maine
Facility Usage: Private
William Terra
Brann Road, Box 1950
Westlevant, ME 04456
(207) 884-8805

Lincoln Rgnl Airport - LRG
Lincoln, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
Town Of Lincoln
63 Main Street
Lincoln, ME 04457
(207) 794-3372

Millinocket Muni Airport - MLT
Millinocket, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
Town Of Millinocket
197 Penobscot Ave
Millinocket, ME 04462
(207) 723-6649

Millers Field Airport - ME74
Newburgh, Maine
Facility Usage: Private
John M. Miller
93 North Road
Newburgh, ME 04444
(207) 234-2777

Newport Sky Park Airport - ME68
Newport, Maine
Facility Usage: Private
Jerry W. Emerson
P.O. Box 60

Buckhorn Camps Seaplane Base - 78B
Norcross-Millinocket, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
Greg Pellegrini
80 Paine Street
Uxbridge, MA 01569
(508) 400-6274

Dewitt Fld,Old Town Muni Airport - OLD
Old Town, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
City Of Old Town
150 Brunswick St
Oldtown, ME 04468
(207) 827-3968

Shin Pond Seaplane Base - 85B
Patten, Maine
Facility Usage: Public
Scottys Flying Serv. Inc.
1446 Shin Pond Road
Mtchase, ME 04765
(207) 528-2626

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