Harding County Public and Private Airports, New Mexico:

There are over 5000 public and private airports across the country. Below is a complete list of these airfields and landing area in Harding County, NM. With each airfield you will get the airport code, address, contact person, and a phone number to aid in your travel planning. Note: Military Airports are listed as a private airport as are some airports that are restricted to the public.

Tequesquite Ranch Airport - NM10
Albert, New Mexico
Facility Usage: Private
T.E. Mitchell Son Inc.
665 Tequesquite Ln
Albert, NM 87733
(505) 673-2202

Mosquero Emergency Services Heliport - N01
Mosquero, New Mexico
Facility Usage: Public
Village Of Mosquero
38 Main St
Mosquero, NM 87733
(575) 673-2322

Rosebud Airport - NM29
Rosebud, New Mexico
Facility Usage: Private
Co2 In Action
Drawer K
Amistad, NM 88410
(505) 633-2964

Clavel Ranch Airport - NM15
Roy, New Mexico
Facility Usage: Private
C.J. Clavel
51 Clavel
Roy, NM 87743
(575) 485-2591

Ray Ranch Airport - NM17
Roy, New Mexico
Facility Usage: Private
Ray Ranch
P.O. Box 99 Hwy 39 South
Roy, NM 87743
(505) 485-2545

Public Records in Harding County - Provides access to a variety of government websites in Harding County. This is a great place to find out about permits, licenses, aviation rules and regulations, taxes, and a lot of other public resources.