Clark County Public and Private Airports, Ohio:

Traveling through private airports can be as or more convenient as public airports. They are especially useful if you're looking for a small plane or other local aviation activities. Many offer pilot lessons as well. We provide a complete list of private and public airports across Clark County.

Victory Field Airport - 2OA4
Donnellsville, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Craig Cochran
418 N Tecumseh Rd
Springfield, OH 45504
(937) 882-0149

The Farm Heliport - 7OI4
Fairborn, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Hilty Farm Supply
12026 Lower Valley Pk
Medway, OH 45341
(513) 878-7643

Logans Chance Airport - 57OI
Lawrenceville, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Roy C. Madison
4680 Hominy Ridge Rd
Springfield, OH 45502
(513) 969-8510

Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport - 3OH0
New Carlisle, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Flying Angels, Inc.
P.O. Box 7
Newcarlisle, OH 45344
(937) 849-9643

Jenkins Field Airport - 0OH2
North Hampton, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Ronald L. Jenkins
3100 Ebersole Road
Springfield, OH 45502
(513) 964-1261

Flying J Airport - 79OI
Pitchin, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Daniel L. Wolfe
860 Wilkerson Rd
Fairborn, OH 45324
(513) 864-2781

Lisbon Airfield Airport - 1OH8
South Charleston, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Mrs. Nola Minnick
3241 S Urbana Lisbon Rd
Southcarleston, OH 45368
(937) 462-8826

Pelz Field Airport - 3OH3
South Vienna, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Steven Pelz
P.O. Box 110
Catawba, OH 43010
(828) 172-9

Kepes Flying Field Airport - 1OA4
Springfield, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Bruce R. Kepes
7481 E National Rd
Southcharleston, OH 45368
(937) 233-2266

Mercy Medical Center Heliport - 6OH0
Springfield, Ohio
Facility Usage: Private
Mercy Medical Center
1343 North Fountain Blvd
Springfield, OH 45501
(513) 390-5056

Springfield-Beckley Muni Airport - SGH
Springfield, Ohio
Facility Usage: Public
City Of Springfield
76 E High St
Springfield, OH 45502
(937) 325-6108

Mad River Inc. Airport - I54
Tremont City, Ohio
Facility Usage: Public
Mad River Skypark Llc
6488 Upper Valley Pike
Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 969-5565

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