Live Oak County Public and Private Airports, Texas:

Live Oak County airport directory. List contains all public airports, helipads & helidecks, and seaplane ports & bases. Also lists all private airports and landing strips, which may be used by private members or in emergency situations. Airports listed include airport codes, administrators and contact information. Return to the Texas county list.

Live Oak County Airport - 8T6
George West, Texas
Facility Usage: Public
Live Oak County
County Courthouse
Georgewest, TX 78022
(361) 449-2733

Rossler Ranch Airport - 59TS
George West, Texas
Facility Usage: Private
Walter C Rossler
P.O. Box 10432
Corpuschristi, TX 78460
(512) 241-0605

Arrowhead Airport - 79TE
Lagarto, Texas
Facility Usage: Private
Lakaero Vista Corp
520 Ranger Dr
Sandia, TX 78383
(361) 547-0306

Beefmasters Best Airport - 1XS9
Three Rivers, Texas
Facility Usage: Private
Randy Harrell
P.O. Box 899
Georgewest, TX 78022

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