Oldham County Public and Private Airports, Texas:

Public and Private airports and landing bases for Oldham County, TX. Each airport has contact information to help with flight arrangements. In addition to airports, there are landing pads for helicopters, military landing zones and ports for water based aircraft. Public airports include small passenger planes and large commercial carriers. Private airports include restricted or military airports and airports reserved for private charter or membership. For more Texas Airports.

Coleman Cattle Company Nr 2 Airport - 76TA
Adrian, Texas
Facility Usage: Private
Coleman Cattle Company
P.O. Box 178
Ackerly, TX 79713
(915) 353-4353

Oldham County Airport - E52
Vega, Texas
Facility Usage: Public
Oldham County
Oldham Co Courthouse
Vega, TX 79092
(806) 267-2607

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